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Enter.Net in Allentown, PA strives to be a one-stop shop for all of your computing needs. From computer sales to Internet access, if you need it done in the Allentown area, Enter.Net will have a solution for you.


  • Dial-up: For those that don’t use the Internet for too much more than reading news and checking email, dial-up is a great option. Dial-up offers the slowest Internet service of all the available options, but is also the cheapest. Enter.Net offers discounts for the first six months if you sign an extended prepaid contract. For example, if you sign a three month prepaid contract, you will only pay $5.95 for the first month, and 15.95 for the next two. For a 24-month prepaid contract, it would be $5.95 for the first six months and $12.95 for the next 18.
  • DSL: A digital subscriber line provides much faster speeds than dial-up. Though it is not the fastest speed available, DSL should be more than adequate for most Internet users. Enter.Net’s DSL offers 768k download speeds and 128k upload speeds. Those speeds will provide enough bandwidth for users to stream movies, video chat, download music and movies and play online games, all without much lag. Enter.Net’s DSL contracts are similar to those for standard dial-up, only more expensive.

Remember, the cheap early months are available only if you prepay your contract. A two-year dial-up contract with the discounted months is still $268.80. DSL will cost even more.

There is also an option to pay about $5.00 more for “software”. The software that Enter.Net offers is freeware/shareware, which means that it is available free on the Internet. It is wise to find out specifically what software Enter.Net offers, and then decide if you really need it or can locate it on your own.

The download process for freeware/shareware is usually pretty simple, and most computer operating systems will walk you through the process.

Sales And Computer Repair 

Enter.Net offers a number of Acer brand laptops and desktops at discounted prices, as well as coupons to local shops with a purchase.

They also offer computer repairs, and claim to be able to take care of any and all of your computer repair needs.


Enter.Net offers basic computer training classes that are designed to help people who are new to computers, and need help learning the basics. They have a one-hour class on computer basics, which demonstrates how to navigate through Windows operating systems, and an Internet training class, which teaches students how to browse the Internet and use email.

They also offer classes on HTML, the programming language used to create websites.

Website And Mobile App Design

Enter.Net also hosts and designs web pages for businesses, and has recently branched out to iPhone app creation.

Their web design team will try to maximize your business needs through the use of search engine optimization, social network utilization and mobile sites—a must considering how many users access the Internet through their smartphones.

Mobile phone apps are a great way to bring attention to your business, and stay actively involved with your customers. Enter.Net will work with your business to design an app that suits your needs.

Written by Thomas Poole on Thu, 07/25/2013 - 09:47
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