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With over 750,000 customers, Insight is the ninth largest cable operator in the U.S. They provide phone, broadband Internet and TV services to subscribers in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. Insight Communications became a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner Cable in February of 2011, when they were purchased for $3 billion.

Internet Broadband Services

According to PC Magazine’s review of the top Internet service providers, Insight is the fifth fastest Internet provider in the nation, with upload speeds of over 15 Mbps.

Their Internet packages are called Broadband 10.0, 20.0, 30.0 and 50.0. Each number represents the download speed of that package. Upload speeds range from 1 Mbps to 5 Mbps.


Each broadband package includes up to six gigabytes of storage, and access to The sports package on includes real-time stats and streaming of over 3,500 professional sports games a year, including basketball, tennis, gold, soccer and baseball.

Customers are also provided CA Internet Security Suite Plus, a bundle of various security programs for computers that includes virus and spy ware protection, parental controls, data backup and a firewall.

Insight Digital TV

Insight’s TV service includes over 100 high definition channels and 1,000 On Demand selections. The programming is organized in what the company calls “Smart Surfing.” They group types of shows by channel and color to make everything easier to find. For example, kids’ shows are on channels numbered in the 300's and listed in a light blue color, while sports are in the 500's and listed in green.

Rent Here First is the On Demand feature that lets customers check out movies the same day they’re released on DVD, which is often much sooner than when they’re available from rental outlets like Redbox.

Multiroom DVRs that allow you to play the same program on any TV in your house are available as part of the TV service. They offer 500 gigabytes of storage or 95 hours of HD video, and can record up to six shows at the same time.

Insight Phone 2.0

Phone 2.0 is Insight’s voice service. It includes all the usual features like call waiting, unlimited local and long distance calls, caller ID and even a function to send voicemail messages to your email.


Insight owns cn|2, a 24-hour news channel available in certain markets of Kentucky and Indiana that emphasizes local events. It provides political news and analysis, sports and commentary, through a variety of shows.

Insight Business

Insight Business provides fiber optic Internet, voice and TV services to over 30,000 customers in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

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